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Local Attractions

Great Victorian Rail Trail

The longest continuous rail trail in Australia is at our doorstep! The Great Victorian Rail Trail is a multi-use trail that can be explored on foot, by bike or horse. The trail is suitable for riders of all fitness levels and is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors...

Yea Discovery Centre

The Y Water Discovery Centre is a multi-purpose facility incorporating an accredited Visitor Information Centre and an Interpretive & Educational Centre. The facility offers a range of services including visitor information, a gift shop, free wi-fi, and BBQ facilities. The centre is the gateway to Yea's amazing wetlands...

Yea Wetlands

Take a stroll in Melbourne’s closest classified wetlands ~ one of Yea's best kept secrets...

The Northern Wetlands have been progressively transformed over the past 12 years and now boast a 30m cable suspension bridge, 2.5 km of walking track, raised walkways, bird hides, interpretive signs, picnic tables and a free electric BBQ. 

Historic Railway Precinct

The heritage listed Railway Station built in 1889 is the most intact example of a small group of standard Gothic-styled
railway station buildings.


In the station precinct you will also find a playground, skate park, toilet facilities, picnic tables and BBQs. Nearby you will find the Cheviot Tunnel - an iconic part of the town's rail history...

Local Wineries

Yea and nearby surrounds is home to established wineries including:


Sedona Estate

Philip Lobley Wines

Wine by Sam

Buxton Ridge

National Heritage Fossil Site

The Yea Flora Fossil Site is a roadside cutting on Limestone Road, Yea, Victoria, Australia. It contains fossils of genus Baragwanathia, some of the world’s earliest vascular plants dating back to the late Silurian period, 420 million years ago.

Stay & Play

The Royal Mail Hotel Yea is centrally located allowing you to explore our wonderful local attractions. Call us direct to discuss your accommodation needs...

[03] 5797 2515

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